What we define as beautiful is always partly a question of personality, our likes and dislikes. Life circumstances and the dominating trend play important roles in this issue. Perhaps a single person living in the big city finds a gaudy, retro wallpaper chic. A well-off elderly lady is likely to value the sophisticated elegance of a classic style. And a young family prefers the harmonious colours and structures of nature.

Whether or not we feel comfortable within our own four walls thus de- pends on a number of factors. A feeling of well-being is achieved with more than just a successful composition of design elements alone. It is the answer to the question of personal living style. Yet, from the wealth of collections, materials, colours and patterns, it is not exactly easy to find the right paper. Using the “Style Guide”, a vividly illustrated catalogue of questions, you can discover your personal preferences in a light-hearted way. Here, you can choose from four different living types: natural – young – design-oriented – classic. Thus, everyone can find the perfect wallpaper for his or her type and design task.


Pure and Lasting

In the natural living style, a home is a place for feeling. One lives healthily and in accord with oneself. The lifestyle fulfils the dream of living in and with nature.

There is no room here for exaggerated extravagance. Natural materials and a youthful formal vocabulary complement each other in a sensual manner. Driftwood, faded items, root material, fur, leather and wool provide a relaxed atmosphere and ground the soul. The interior design is inspired by colours from nature. The palette ranges from pale brown and beige tones through sunny yellow to soft green. Organic textures such as birch bark, wood grain or stone surfaces convey familiarity.


Trend-oriented and hip

In the digital world, trends change quickly and dramatically. What is today an absolute “must-have” will be declared a “no- go” in the Cloud by tomorrow. Never was the interconnectedness more universal – nor were the design trends ever so global.

As straightforward as the media language online, so succinct are the designs and patterns: dots, stripes, honeycomb patterns. Young living seeks contrasts. Furnishings appear to be a colourful, tossed-together jumble. After all, everything one likes will simply go well together.

The young colours are brash and optimistic. Non-colours such as white and black next to pigments like cyan, purple, yellow, green, and red.


Individual and Original

Metropolises manifest the new global design style.
Functionality and practicality are no longer design’s guiding compass. The popularity of modern architects signals interest in visionary concepts. What is sought are new creative approaches and unusual perceptions.

Here, the interior draws its conviction from an unusual use of materials and its ultra-modern formal vocabulary. Light-dark contrast informs the colour arrangement. Kashmir brown, titanium, white, and colour extensions in muted natural tones underscore the graphic contrast.


Stylish and Elegant

A touch of luxury with a sense of stylish ambience hangs in the air.
The décor is sophisticated, with antiques and carefully coordinated accessory pieces rounding out the arrangement.

The colour palette of this style-oriented living is particularly understated. Muted basic colours are contrasted with plenty of white or beige. Characteristic of classic clients are borders and decorative trims: baroque damask patterns, playful rose designs, Toile de Jouy and arabesques – anything that ties in with the style of the country estate. In general, this style is steeped in the beauty of past times and prizes high-quality handcrafting and traditional luxury.

Text courtesy of AS Creations, Wallpaper 1x1 - A Textbook For Craftsmen and Those Who Wish To Be